Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making the low go... Diabetes Blog Week- Day 2

I'm not really liking this post topic... My pancreas still makes some insulin, so I don't need super lot of insulin injected. That's lucky in some ways; not in others. Before pumping I would have to eyeball half units on my syringes. It was hit and miss and usually I missed... meaning that I had a lot of lows. A lot of really really bad lows. It got so that I couldn't even feel it until I was around a 1 mmol/l (18 mg/dl)... and that's how learned to over-eat a low: EAT. EVERYTHING. IN. SIGHT. Anyway, eventually I figured out that if I just didn't eat, I didn't have to bolus and I didn't have to go low. Which, I'm sure you can guess, started a whole new problem.

Things have gotten better the last year or so that I've been on the pump. I have a low maybe once a month and can feel it now at around a 4.5 mmol/l. I usually just keep a juice box in my knapsack to treat a low. If it's not too bad a low though, I usually just dial down my basal for a little bit to cover the lower blood sugar... And, to be honest, that's probably my favourite way to treat a low. I've gotten sick of stuffing my face.


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