Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's get moving... Diabetes Blog Week- Day 5 + then some...

Oh, exercise. It's kind of difficult when you're in school to do anything but school... But, I try!

I used to run, but my hip joints are kind of messed up and running started to really hurt. So, that was the end of running. Instead, I walk a lot now. Usually about 45 minutes to an hour everyday. I should really do more variety of things, but right now it's kind of difficult because it's finals crunch time. It's kind of frustrating, because it ends up affecting my weight and, or course, my blood sugars.

You know what keeps you pretty active though: looking after kids! More specifically, I would say, the younger the kids and the greater the number the greater the work out! I worked as a nanny for like 10 years throughout my first degree and several years later. I noticed the biggest difference when I looked after the three young children I was with for about five years. Whenever I was on holidays my blood sugars would go up and then I'd adjust my insulin to compensate... and then back down again once I started working again. I was always amazed
how much less insulin I needed going back to work... I guess lifting, carrying and running after twenty-some-odd pounds of little people throughout the day adds up!

The other thing that would need to re-adjust when I went back to work is my tolerance for noise, but that's not really diabetes related ;-)


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