Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Death of a pancreas... Again!

I got water in my pump. Actually, that makes it sound like it was my fault- they told me it was waterproof and though it has been for the past two years, it was not this weekend: I was swimming and when I got out there was water behind the screen. The pump worked find, but I thought I should call tech support and let them know. They told me they would send me a new one to be safe... And I had to send pump-kin back to the Animas :(

This is the hearse they sent for pump-kin:

Bye, bye pump-kin :_( Thanks for the past two years. You made my life much easier and I'm glad that you at least got to stick around for the canoe (bestest ever) trip on the week (<--- more about that later, btw!) For reals, though, it felt kind of sad... and I, ahem, did kiss the pump goodbye. It was weird to see it in the 'mail out' box at work, knowing no one else knew the history and significance of the device sitting inside the package. Next glucose tabs I (figuratively) inhale in a fit of low blood sugars, I will ingest for you...

Oh! Why hello birth of pump-kin jr! And, so, we start again...

("It's ALIVE!!!" ~Frankenstein)

(PS- pump-kin jr has much more sealant around the screen. I thought maybe that was the problem, because I couldn't see where else the water could have come from and I could shake the water out... probably the latter point was most indicative!)


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