Sunday, April 4, 2010

system cyborg

I used to feel inspired to make things. Now I just feel bored... I think, mostly with school. I feel like I've never fit into school. I had grade school teachers make fun of me in front of the class, for working slower than everyone else. I kept telling them I had trouble with the work and they ignored me, because my "grades were to good to indicate a learning disability." But then in university they told me that I maybe should have gone to college... until they actually put me through all the rat maze test of a psycho-educational assessment and found I'm as brilliant as f*@#ing Einstein, but I have crap working memory. Meaning, it basically takes me a lot longer to get my thoughts down on paper in a manner acceptable to academia. I hate school. I would have liked to have gotten a PhD, but I think I'm done with school after this degree. It makes me feel like a cog and I'm just not into being that kind of cyborg anymore.


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