Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Questions from a six year old...

I received an email from a friend that is a nanny. The little girl she looks after was diagnosed with type one in the past year and just went on an insulin pump. Seeing that I too wear a pump my friend the nanny asked if she could forward me some questions. Feel free to chime in:
  1. Has your pump ever fallen off/out while running/jumping /playing sports etc? What did you do?
  2. Do people still ask about it/want to touch it/want to know what’s wrong with you, even when you’re a grown up?
  3. Do you have lots of marks (I think she means scars…she’s starting to get a few), by the time that you’re old?
  4. Do adults ever forget their diabetes bag (one with blood sugar testing/emergency snacks etc)?
  5. Have you travelled lots and lots? Any problems? (she’s a big world traveller)
  6. How old were you when you could do it all yourself (testing, operating pump etc.)?


Erin said...

1. Yep, and so far I've been able to grab my backup kit and put in a new infusion set, no problem. I once lost my pump on a water slide (why I thought I could keep it on I don't know). The water park folks kindly retrieved it for me, I stashed it in a locker and continued on my way.

2. Yes.

3. The old ones eventually heal right up, but there are always a few recent ones hanging around.

4. Yes, but hardly ever!

5. Yes (across the U.S. and in Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Germany and Japan so far), and I haven't had any problems yet.

6. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17, so I had to start doing it all on my own right away.

Mocha said...

1. My pump has fallen out of my pockets before. I clumsily tried to grab it, as it hung from me by my tubing. It hurts, but it's more shock than anything. If you want to try and prevent your pump from falling out, you can get a pump clip, spi belt, or a different pump pouch.

2. Sometimes. Most people that ask and don't know it's a pump think it's a pager. I don't let people touch my pump, but I'm bossy like that. Most of the people who notice my pump, though, are diabetics with one as well.

3. I do have lots of scars, but I scar incredibly easily. My younger brother, who also is T1 and has a pump, hasn't had many problems with scaring, and he's being doing this for 5 years, almost! My older brother, who also T1 and has a pump (I know, we're a T1 family of siblings!) hasn't had a problem with scaring that I'm aware of, and he's been T1 for 15 years!

4. I'll be honest. I've forgotten some of my diabetes supplies before. It easier to remember, now that I'm an adult, because I always put it in my purse. My problem now is remembering to restock the test strips and snacks!

5. I was diagnosed as a teenager, so I was trained to do all my diabetes care by myself, but my parents were there to help if I needed it. My younger brother is almost 13, but he still has my parents help him, not because he can't, but because he likes the help. It's all up to you about how independent you want to be, but your parents will want a say too!

I hope you enjoy your new pump!

Lala Jackson said...

I got an insulin pump when I was 11, and am now 25, so here are my answers based on my experience so far :)

1. I've only ever had my site get pulled out once, and as long as you have extra supplies with you, it's fine. It doesn't really hurt, and it's a quick fix.

2. People ask about it, but in a fun way! No one has ever tried to touch it and people are very respectful. Just be open to explaining it to them and you may make some new friends! It's also really fun to teach people new things, especially when those people are older than you.

3. My marks/scars last about a month or so, then start to fade. I've had a pump for almost 14 years and I definitely don't have marks more than a few months old.

4. ALL. THE. TIME. But the good thing is, when you've been open with the people around you about what you need, everyone is willing to help to go pick up your bag, get you extra supplies, or give you some juice. People inherently want to help, and they see it as fun to have a mission.

5. Since I've had a pump, I've been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and all over the US. I even spent a week camping out on a deserted island in the Sea of Cortez! Just remember to always have extra insulin and supplies to change out your pump set in a small bag that you keep with you, especially on planes!

6. I was probably about 12 when I really started doing everything for myself, but I also like to make sure my friends and the people I spend a lot of time with know how to work it all too. It's nice when your friends can support you, even if it's just by grabbing your pump supplies from another room when you don't feel like getting up :)

Brian Bosh said...

1. No. Once had a kid pull on the cord, yanking it out. But never came out on its own.
2. Rarely. Maybe twice in the last year.
3. Been on a pump for over 5y, so far, no scars. Temporary bruises or bumps but they're gone after a few days.
4. Yup. Testing, rarely, snacks, frequently.
5. Nope.
6. Waa diagnosed as an adult.

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