Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Ha! Made you gush," said the Insulin Pump.

I keep getting nasty gushers. Like non-stop bleeding everywhere gushers. Half the time I put in a new infusion set and blood draws up through the canula right away. So, all this in mind, of course when I woke up at 4am the first thing thought in my brain was, "Oh, I forgot to take out my old site. I should rip that out RIGHT NOW." Smartness. I really wanted to have to get up to change clothes and bedding at that hour.

That's really just a sample size. It went EVERYWHERE. Maybe I should start pulling them out while standing over a basin or something?


Anonymous said...

Oh man! That really sucks. I've only really bled a lot one time (knock on wood) in just over 3 years.

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