Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is important: Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, president of the IDF speaks about diabetes around the globe

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July 27th, 1921 insulin was discovered by Banting & Best and their dog friends. I think about them sometimes. Sometimes I wonder what I would said if I got to somehow skip back in time a bit and have a chat with them. I know when they realized that what they had and what it meant for people with diabetes, the group decided to sell the patent for $1. This allowed the drug speedier production. I wonder, considering this good will, what they would think of some of the situations described by Professor Mbanya, president of the International Diabetes Federation, where parents are faced with the grim reality that treating their one child with diabetes could mean devastating hardship or even death for the rest of the family? I would surely feel embarassed to tell them that at this point in time there are still people who die from diabetes, because they simply don't have access to the insulin they need. 


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