Friday, June 17, 2011

Back-up Packrat

I've developed this odd quirk whereby I have back-ups of EVERYTHING: back-up shampoo, back-up conditioner, back-up toothpaste, back-up granola bars, back-up laundry detergent, back-up coats, back-up bags, back-up etc... And I get REALLY anxious if I don't have my back-ups.

It finally dawned on me it stems from a bonafide anxiety around always requiring: back-up food, back-up glucose tabs, back-up insulin, back-up infusion sites, back-up cartridges, back-up needles, back-up medical things etc...

The bad news is I got a lot of clutter. The good news is I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Curiously, most of these symptoms are similar
to those of a low blood glucose... though with respect
to the last point: I'm not so picky about what I
eat when low.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! As I was reading the first few lines I was thinking "of COURSE! It's the diabetes!"

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