Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten things I dislike about diabetes...

Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter).  So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate.  Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!

I don't know if this makes me weird, but I had a hard time coming up with a list of ten. (Serious???) Seriously. (WTF?!?) I know...

I didn't think it would be that hard, but I could think of things that I find annoying or that I maybe even severely dislike... I couldn't think of things that I HATE. I feel like diabetes is so a part of me at this point that it feels like saying I hate myself... and I think if I felt like that I would just stop dealing with all of it, so I kind of don't really want to ever feel like that about it... 

In light of this strange conundrum, I made this about things that I dislike about having diabetes. Hope that's okay.

Here are my top ten dislikes:
  1. Going low
  2. Going low and not realizing it until it's really, really low... and inadvertently eating the top of the glucose tab tube, because it's the same width and height
  3. Eating extra food when you go low and you've already eaten... Teletubbies tummy (See image below.)
  4. Eating after you throw-up, so you don't go low
  5. How much more complicated it makes having other illnesses, even just a cold
  6. That doctor's blame all other physical symptoms as complications of diabetes, even when they have nothing to do with diabetes... and they're not even recognized as complications of diabetes
  7. Writing papers (the stress and sitting around make my blood sugars go high)
  8. The sawdust-mouth feel that goes along with a high
  9. All the extra medical gear I have to lug around  (when I travel it's half my luggage!)
  10. The sense of isolation when you don't have people around that understand/have diabetes
I can say out of all of those, the one thing I really do hate is going low. I'm so sensitive to insulin it really doesn't take much for me to take a nose dive, though it has been better on the pump and when I stay away from certain foods. Sitting at a 1 mmol/L is a pretty disgusting and frightening experience.

Dramatization of #3


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