Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowageddo... Oh, wait...

There is no snow here this season. Just cold- so I only have Coldageddon advice: keep your pump tucked inside your jacket so it can be nice and warm... (at least if it's Animas.) Mine decides to lose its prime when going from the cold outside to the warm inside. Apparently it is a common enough problem that customer support knows about it... The obvious annoyance is that if you don't realize it's lost its prime then you don't get insulin and your blood sugars have a field day. Yes: field. day. I've started the practice of checking my pump when I get in from the outdoors, just in case. I love my pump/kin, but it's one annoyance I could do without.

If you do live with snow, you should read about Diabetesaliciousness experiences of this year's Snowmageddon.


k2 said...

Thanks for the tip on the insulin pump- I'm constantly checking to see if mine is working and I have a minimed!
Thanks for the comment and link to my blog - YOU ROCK!
Kelly K

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